Valuable training sharpens project forwarding skills

Project forwarders working globally need more than ever to skilfully manage stakeholders from many diverse backgrounds and promote a professional image.

This is the focus of the PPG Project Cargo Forwarding Certificate that will be held at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel from 26-27 November 2018.

Course coordinator and trainer Kevin Stephens is the founder and general manager of project cargo network the Project Professionals Group.

“This is a non-technical course that delivers essential insights and skills that project forwarders need to stay in control of complex supply chain transportation issues,” Mr Stephens said.

“In just two days, achievement-oriented professionals will take back to the office enhanced confidence and skills that will enable them to improve their problem solving and communication with clients and service providers.

“We want to change the way you think about project forwarding using real-life examples and solutions. You will return to work and be able to apply the knowledge that you have learned in this workshop.”

Registration includes a USB Flash Drive with over 70 proven documents and all course presentation slides.

Further information and easy online registration, including PayPal option, is available at Project Professionals Group.

Testimonials from the most recent training course in Bremen highly recommends this course with graduates happy to share their experiences.

The training will also be offered at the inaugural Antwerp XL conference and exhibition in Antwerp on 7-9 May 2019, at the Antwerp Expo Centre.

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