Masterclass powers new project logistics landscape

Prepare for the next stage of your career by registering for the one-day PPG Project Cargo Forwarding Masterclass and build robust project forwarding service capabilities.

This training course will be held at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Course co-ordinator, founder and general manager of the Project Professionals Group Kevin Stephens said attendees will learn via a combination of face-to-face presentations, question and answer sessions and mentoring to take away insights on how to stand out in a competitive heavy lift and project forwarding sector.

“This training should be part of your lifelong learning plan to keep you focussed and your career on track to maximise opportunities that arise as project logistics recovers from the Covid pandemic,” Mr Stephens said.

Fellow instructor Rodger Hall delivers sessions on how improving business communication skills can boost productivity and profitability.

“Communicating what you do is an important part of your daily tasks to persuade and inform. It allows you to promote your work, engage with clients, attract interest in your business, and build your profile as an expert in your field,” Mr Hall said.

The masterclass is open to everyone working in the heavy lift project logistics and multipurpose shipping sector seeking the following benefits: Enhancing skills and knowledge to transport high-value project cargo including working with Covid-19 checklists, chartering, tender processes, engaging with expert trainers for feedback that supports active learning, networking opportunities, using case studies to develop critical thinking skills and better understand client expectations.

For a course profile please email Kevin Stephens: or visit Project Professionals Group for further information.

Singapore has a long maritime history for project cargo forwarders. Registrations are now open for the one-day PPG Project Cargo Forwarding Masterclass at the Orchard Hotel in Singapore on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

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