The sooner the better for project cargo masterclass

Project forwarders will reap the future benefits of management training forsuper heavy-lift multi-modal cargo delivery that could be one to two years in the planning before project execution.

That’s the view of Kevin Stephens the course-coordinator of the PPG Project Cargo Certificate for Forwarders, 3PLs, Clients and ECPMs masterclass during Antwerp XL in April, 2020.

Mr Stephens, the general manager and founder of the Project Professionals Group, said business owners needed to consider the training of their staff now to ensure they were equipped with the skills and confidence to undertake the biggest lifts. 

“Clients are looking today for businesses capable of safely managing super heavy-lift logistics tenders that can easily take up to two years planning, particularly those weighing in at more than 800 tonnes for a single cargo move,” Mr Stephens said.

“This masterclass helps to ensure the heavy-lift abnormal loads sector can upskill staff today to reap the benefits in the future by being ready to take on major project cargo tender work often in challenging locations.”


The PPG Project Cargo Certificate for Forwarders, 3PLs, Clients and ECPMs will run at Antwerp XL on Thursday, 23 April, and includes one-day entry to the exhibition hall.

A 10% Early Bird discount is available for registrations before 1 February 2020.

Registration information, including video testimonials, is available from the PPG website or visit PPG on Facebook for more masterclass news.

Further information Kevin Stephens:

On completion of this masterclass, you will have:

  • Global understanding of project forwarding management requirements.
  • Mentoring on case study project logistics.
  • Improved project bidding.
  • Confidence to design and implement project cargo logistics plans.
  • Project crisis communication management skills.
  • Multi-cultural communication leadership.
  • Increased productivity through business communication tools.
  • Enhanced professional networking.
Project forwarders, 3PLs, clients and ECPMs are invited to register for the next masterclass at Antwerp XL on 23 April 2020.

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