Project cargo training future proofs businesses

Project forwarders and their logistics partners are being urged to support training to ensure their employees have the confidence and knowledge to meet future challenges.

The PPG Project Cargo Forwarding Certificate is being held from 7-8 May during Antwerp XL to help ensure that there are no skill gaps in the future as clients increasingly demand project logistics supply chain solutions that will grow in complexity

The course co-ordinator Kevin Stephens, who has 50 years’ experience working in the industry, said the outlook for project forwarding logistics was complex and more staff training and education was essential to hone knowledge and skills.

“Investing in employee training experiences will help retain good staff, which will allow you to future proof the ability to engage with diverse clients and grow your business,” Mr Stephens said. 
“This training fills any job gaps project logistics workers may have in meeting future challenges and that will help them stay competitive.”

Previous­ attendee testimonials highlight that the workshop has equipped them with the practical skills and know-how to better manage project logistics.

Registration information, including video testimonials endorsing the benefits of the training, is available here.

Antwerp XL booth bookings receive a 15% training course discount, and all course registrations receive free entry to the expo.

Visit PPG on Facebook for more training course news.

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